Buyers’ Guide to Used Jobsite Office Trailers

used jobsite office trailers

Why are office trailers so popular on jobsites? Because they are so convenient! If you’ve worked on any site for long, you’ve seen how having the right office onsite makes a big difference.

Many companies avoid getting office trailers because they fear the expense. The great news for them is that there are many great used jobsite office trailers out there.

Keep reading to find out about the benefits of used jobsite office trailers. You’ll also get some tips on picking the best one for your projects.


The Benefits of Used Jobsite Office Trailers

When you need a portable office at your jobsite, office trailers are the best fit. They can be customized to your specific needs and with a used one, you can save money!


Getting your own modular office to have on a jobsite is a cheaper alternative to getting off-site office space. Your team doesn’t have to drive back and forth, which saves time and money.

Used jobsite trailers also add to your savings. Many of them are still in great shape and they cost less than a new trailer. You can purchase used trailers or rent them for each of your jobs.


Having your office onsite makes it more convenient for all your team members. Communication is better and morale is better when everyone can connect throughout the day on a job.

With people not having to drive back and forth, your jobs will get finished quicker. This helps your budget and your reputation.

Things to Think About Before Looking at Used Jobsite Office Trailers

Before you look for a used office trailer, you want to think through your specific needs. Having an understanding of your needs can help you know what you are looking for in construction trailers.


Where on the jobsite will you be placing the trailer? This is an important factor in the type of trailer you look for. The area you are putting the portable office trailer may have specific codes and standards you will want to check out.

You want to make sure the area you want to put the trailer is accessible and safe for the trailer. You also want to think about space for entryways and exits, as well as the plumbing.

People and Use

How many people plan to use the trailer? Most companies recommend that you plan at least 100 square feet per person for the trailer. This helps it not feel cramped for everyone involved.

You also want to think about how the used jobsite office trailer will be used. Will you use it for administrative tasks or will you need a break room also? Storage and lockers are another consideration to think over.


Security and Power

Depending on what you plan to keep in the trailer, security is an important consideration. Trailers offer all types of security options for you to think through. Some have bars on the windows, deadbolts, and steel doors.

There are some trailers that are made of steel to provide the highest level of security. You can also get a tri-cam locking system. It has been one of the best systems developed for portable offices.

Power is another consideration. Will you have a power pole to feed your trailer or will you buy a generator to power it?

Things to Check When Buying Used Jobsite Office Trailers

Buying a used jobsite office trailer means you want to do your due diligence when looking them over. Here are a few helpful things to check to make sure you get a top-quality trailer.


Ask to see the title of the trailer or find one of the identification tags at the end of the building. This will help you understand the value of the trailer. Older trailers will depreciate more than newer ones.

Floor Plan

Knowing what you need helps you to know what floor plan you are looking for in a used office trailer. If a used trailer was a custom one, it could have special things you want at a much cheaper price!

Inside Systems

You want to see how old the heat and AC systems are in the trailer. They are often side units and easy to replace. If you need plumbing, make sure the trailer’s plumbing gets checked out before you purchase it.

Top and Bottom

Check to see how the roof looks and how the floors look. You don’t want any sagging or leaks. This can compromise the integrity of the structure or bring problems like mold.

Rent vs. Own Used Jobsite Office Trailers

The great thing about used jobsite office trailers is you can rent or own them.

Consider owning it if you plan to keep it for a long time. If your jobs or shorter and in far away locations, renting will work better for you.

Now You Can Shop Around

Getting used jobsite office trailers doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the best thing to do is shop around and see what is available. You want to find different quotes and let the dealers compete for your business!

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