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Search through an endless inventory of Portable Buildings For Sale with every feature and option available on the market. Low cost purchase, rental and financing options available coupled with super fast delivery times makes us your one stop solution. Construction projects can last months, even years, and whether your needs are long-term or short-term we will help get the right price on temporary or permanent mobile office or job site office. Every possible option can be added for a fraction of what you’d expect, including air conditioning, electricity, bathrooms, phone, internet and fax. Whether you need a customized portable construction trailer or a nice sales office with ramps and awnings, we’ll help you find it faster and for less.

Portable Buildings and Solutions:

  • Project Management Offices
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  • Swing Space
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  • Industrial Plant Shut Downs
  • Storage Trailers
  • Temporary & Permanent Construction Trailers
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Portable Buildings

Types of Portable Buildings

Portable buildings come with different uses, and it goes without saying that there are various types of portable buildings. While there is no standard term used to describe the types of portable buildings available, these can be classified by the material used to construct them.


We have:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Prefabs
Steel Constructed Portable Buildings

These are quite popular and are often made using shipping containers. Because these containers are made using good quality steel, you will find that they tend to be quite durable. Contrary to what many may assume container buildings are not prone to rust as they are treated and painted to resist rusting and flaking. Container buildings can be easily transported from one site to another using a truck or crane, and these buildings have their advantages and disadvantages. One of their major advantages is that they are quite durable. However, they require good heating and air conditioning as steel gets quite hot during hot seasons and very cold in cold seasons as well.

Portable Buildings Companies

Wood Constructed Portable Buildings

Wood is yet another material used to construct portable buildings, and is loved for being easily portable. It is also quite strong as well, and portable buildings made from wood tend to be great at controlling temperate levels. While wood comes with many advantages, it also has its fair share of disadvantages, the major one being wood rot. This material therefore requires more maintenance in comparison to other portable offices.

Prefabricated Portable Buildings

Prefabricated materials, or prefabs as they are popularly known, are factory built and consist of several components. These include concrete, wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and green materials. Prefabricated buildings are considered portable because the prefabs are easily ferried from one place to another and assembled on site. Prefabricated portable buildings are increasingly becoming popular and are actually being used to build permanent structures as well. The material comes with many advantages and is quite durable and strong, with its major advantage being that it is environmentally friendly.

Portable buildings are not only functional, but now come with incredible designs as well. They are becoming competitive to conventional constructions with more and more permanent structures using these materials. These buildings come with different accessories, finishes and are much-loved for their functionality and convenience, as they can be set up anywhere with ease.

Examples of Portable Buildings

Utility sheds tend to be the most commonly used portable buildings, and these are built with a gable roof top. Due to their easy availability, they are cheaper. Another example of portable buildings is portable cabins, which are used as movable offices. These don’t come with the popular gable roofing evident in most portable buildings.

When looking for a portable building, you need to identify the best material for your needs. Material determines the overall cost and the quality of the building as well.

When you request your quote you’ll have access to a full online showroom of portable office inventory from the best manufacturers. We have excellent solutions that will give you the valuable space that you need to run projects and meet your temporary space needs. Get instant delivery solutions that are perfect for all industries including construction, healthcare, real estate, auto dealerships and educational facilities. Our partners can meet all national/state building, mechanical and electrical codes.

Tell us your needs (takes about 30 seconds) and our partners will supply you with free, no obligation price quotes in as little as 1 business day. When businesses compete for your business, you get a better deal.

Portable Buildings Prices

With fast delivery options you’ll be able to get your project started right away with no delays. Need furniture, we can handle that too! We are here to help you find the perfect New or Used Portable Buildings For Sale, Portable modular buildings and even storage containers. Why pay full price. Tell us your needs today and learn for yourself how big your savings will be.

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