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Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting a Trailer Office

Renting a trailer office is the perfect option for construction companies, schools, and organizations that require temporary on-site offices. These mobile offices are efficient and offer functionality for multiple purposes. Plus, they easily get transported to and from job sites.

Depending on the size of your operation, you can choose between renting or buying trailer offices. Both options are cost-effective and provide a solid return on investment.


A mobile office trailer comes with different amenities. They range from having basic office space and a restroom to high-end offices that mirror professional office suites. You must assess your needs before selecting a trailer.

Once you decide on the type of trailer you’ll need, there are other considerations. If you’re thinking about renting a trailer office, here are some important things to consider.

Trailer Office Sizes

Before starting your search, it’s important to understand your needs. A mobile office trailer can come in different sizes. Remember that the bigger the trailer, the more it will cost.

To calculate the space you’ll need, use the base of 150 square feet for each person that will work in the trailer offices. You might also need to include the trailer inch in your calculations.

Office trailer rentals come in the following standard sizes.

  • 8′ x 20′ – open-concept
  • 10′ x 40′ – two offices
  • 12′ x 56′ – three offices
  • 24′ x 60′ – four offices

The trailer will most likely not have offices. Instead, you’ll get an open concept big enough for a couple of desks and a conference table. The smaller size trailer is for one or two people.

As you move into the larger office trailer sizes, they can accommodate up to eight employees. You’ll have multiple separate offices, a restroom, and meeting rooms. If you require a kitchen or breakroom, some trailers offer those amenities.

Site Requirements

Mobile office trailers can serve many purposes. A company can purchase a trailer and place it on property they own. For example, if a school is growing rapidly, they’ll bring portable classrooms to the school.

For large projects, a construction company will use an office trailer rental at job sites. In these instances, they’ll need to find space on the construction site for the trailer. Other options include parking the trailer on the street or adjacent property.

Other considerations include water connections, portable restrooms, and security.


Required Permits

Each state and local government has regulations use of a mobile office trailer. The locations could cause a hindrance to local traffic or block parking space in a commercial parking lot. It is common for trailer offices to remain at a site for months.

You’ll need to seek a zoning variance approval before setting up the trailer.

If you require an office trailer rental for a project in a residential neighborhood, you’ll need to check with the permitting office to see if it’s allowed. You may also need approval from homeowners.

Office Setup

Renting a construction office trailer is a temporary setup for the duration of a project. Before the trailer arrives, the ground is cleared and leveled. Sometimes when using an adjacent lot, fencing is installed for security purposes.

The office setup also requires clearances for parking spaces, access ramps, deliveries, and setting up your internet.

The mobile office trailer is delivered in advance to ensure the setup is complete before the project’s start date. It also allows time to address issues that might arise.

Who Will Work in the Office

The office will have basic needs. There is an administrative assistant, project manager, and site manager in most instances utilizing the office. However, the office trailer rental can accommodate more people.

It depends on how the unit will get used.

Your trailer office will come with standard security features. You’ll also need to consider safety features to protect confidential documents and access to computers, files, and other office equipment. For these reasons, only give keys or access codes to essential personnel.

How Many People Will Utilize the Office

As mentioned above, you must know who will work in the office trailer before placing an order. The utilization requirement is different because you’re estimating times when additional people can be inside the trailer at any given time.

In one scenario, you have a basic trailer used by a project manager. Site supervisors may enter the trailer for brief discussions, or a courier may stop by with important documents.

If construction workers will use the trailer for breaks or you’ll host team members, a larger trailer is warranted. Although you don’t need additional offices, the extra rooms can serve as a place for first aid or respite. You can also create an onsite space for HR to accept applications and conduct interviews.

Types of Office Furniture

The type of office furniture you’ll need for an office trailer rental is an important item for your checklist. You probably won’t need an expensive desk made of exotic woods. However, you want functional office furniture.

Desks, ergonomic chairs, filing cabinets, and a small conference table and chairs are the bare minimum. Since this office is temporary, please don’t go overboard to make it look like an executive suite.

Layout and Design

Standard trailer offices come with basic layouts. You’ll probably need to have a custom trailer built if you want something else. This option is best if you can store the trailer when it’s not in use or if the trailer is a permanent fixture.

Otherwise, tour the trailers available in your area and select the one that provides the floor plan best suited for your business needs.

Is a Mobile Office Trailer Right for Your Company?

Regardless of your company’s reason for needing a trailer office, it is the perfect option when you need to be on site. Trailers offer flexibility and are easy to set up.

When it’s time to choose an office trailer rental, there is one more thing to research. Ask for references and check online reviews. You want a company that’s a leader in the industry.

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