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If you’re looking for the perfect temporary option for classroom space, look no further than portable classrooms!  

When floods wiped out the school buildings at Herbert Hoover High School in West Virginia in 2017, students were left with nowhere to go.

Classroom Trailers

They were forced to share space with a nearby middle school, limiting each to only half days. But by making use of portable classrooms, administrators were able to get the high school up and running in time for the next school year.

The affordable cost and quick turnaround were possible by the fast availability of portable school buildings.

What Are Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms, which are also referred to as modular classrooms, are buildings constructed off-site in dimensions that can house a typically sized classroom of students.

Once built, they can be moved to any location. Because they are designed to be separate from the main brick and mortar school structure, they can move as needs change, or removed altogether.

There are several reputable brands of portable buildings available to consider.

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Portable Classrooms Save Money

When cost is a big factor, you have access to more options with a limited budget by choosing to use a portable classroom.

One important reason schools make use of portables is because of the cost savings. A cost analysis by the Katy Independent School District in Texas found the cost of a new portable was $81 per square foot. This was considerably less than the $250 per square foot it would cost to build a brick and mortar addition.

Choosing to go with used portable classrooms is another way to cut costs. You can enjoy all of the benefits of a temporary classroom building but at significant savings.

For schools that only need a modular building for a specific limited time, renting a classroom trailer is another excellent cost-saving measure. The supplier of the temporary building will take care of the delivery and placement of the classroom. When the school no longer has a need for it, they can arrange to have it removed.

More Flexibility in Classroom Uses

Classroom Trailer - Inside ViewSchools can also take advantage of greater flexibility when it comes to deciding how to use a modular classroom. For example, because these portable school buildings are free-standing, sound does not travel as easily from one room to the next.

So does this mean for teachers?

More freedom to be noisy! You may imagine a good learning environment is one in which the students are sitting quietly in their seats. But this only tells one part of the story.

School days are long. And sitting at a desk, no matter how riveting the teacher, for hours at a time is hard.

Allowing kids to get up and move around, and even be a bit crazy and silly can actually be quite good for learning. So teaching in a portable means you can allow for some boisterous lessons once in a while. Learning games where kids shout out answers keeps them energized and engaged.

Other types of activities, such as music lessons or even physical education, can comfortably take place in a portable classroom space. Making music or noise will not disrupt other classes.

More Classroom Space in Less Time

Another important benefit of turning to portable classrooms to add more teaching space is the short turn-around time.

When it comes to space issues, schools often do not know what their student enrollment will be until very close to (or in some cases, after) the start date. It is common for schools to suddenly find themselves short of classroom space.

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Portable ClassroomTurning to portable classrooms as a solution can help the school solve the problem, and fast. In most cases, opting to construct a brick and mortar addition is out of the question.

First, it can take months, and even years, to bring such a project from proposal to conclusion. By that point, school enrollment numbers may have drastically changed.

Second, embarking on a construction project while school is in session is extremely disruptive and inconvenient for both students and staff.

Finally, when speed is a top priority, schools have the option of either renting or buying used modular buildings. There is no waiting for a portable classroom to be newly constructed, and used buildings are less expensive and in good condition.

Frees More of the Budget for Education

The most important difference between a mediocre education and a great one lies in having excellent teachers. With limited budgets, schools are often forced to make difficult choices about where to spend resources.

The learning environment for students is important. But modular classrooms allows schools to provide a comfortable learning environment at lower cost. This frees up resources to use toward attracting talented instructors.

School TeacherTeachers Actually Prefer Modular Classrooms

While there are those who have a negative reaction to the idea of housing students in portable classrooms, this sentiment is not universally shared by teachers and students.

There are many teachers who in fact prefer them to being housed in the main school building. Here are some reasons they give for their preference:

You Have Your Own Climate Control

Anyone who has worked or gone to school in a large building has doubtless had this experience: It’s a 90-plus degree day outside, but you sit shivering in your office or classroom. Maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout a large building is quite a challenge.

In a portable classroom, teachers have control over the temperature in their space.

You Have Access to the Outside

Except for those days when it is pouring rain, brutally cold or unbearably hot, making the trek to a modular classroom and daycare buildings can give kids a chance for some fresh air. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, being outside can do wonders for clearing your head and becoming reinvigorated.

Also, some portables are placed in areas where they have access to grassy areas. This gives teachers the opportunity to make use of the outdoor space for a class garden, or fun ecology projects.

Need a Temporary Space?

There are very few students who have not spent at least some part of their academic experience in portable classrooms. Innovations in design and energy efficiency are being developed all the time, making them more attractive all the time.

If you are in need of more space, consider renting or buying a temporary classroom building. Take a look at our inventory to find the perfect space for your school.