8 Reasons to Hire a Security Guard for Your Business

hire a security guardWhen you hire a security guard and set up a guard booth for your company, you stand to benefit from great business benefits. Here’s what you can gain.

Your business doesn’t need to be some big-time corporation in order to benefit from hiring a security guard. This service provides a certain level of peace of mind that other things just can’t offer. You can’t count on security cameras or theft prevention tags to protect your business in the same way that you know a security guard will look out for you.

If this isn’t enough of a reason for you to hire a security guard, keep reading.

Here are 8 benefits of having a security staff.

1. Immediate Response to Safety Needs

A lot of business owners’ excuse for not hiring a security guard is they think they can count on police officers and other first responders. While such protection services are available, they’re not able to respond as quickly to your needs as a security guard who’s already on business grounds could.

Having a security guard means you’re able to identify and resolve issues as soon as they come up. This applies to everything from an attempt to steal a product to a violent threat that occurs.

2. Protection from Crime

Although you don’t want to let anyone walk into your business and walk out with stolen products, that’s not the only kind of crime that may affect your operations.

You may notice there are people who like to loiter in the area where you do business. Maybe your building has been subject to graffiti tagging in the past or you see there are always unauthorized vehicles in your company’s parking lot.

Why let such actions go on any longer if you know you have a way to prevent them? Hire a security guard as soon as possible to ensure all aspects of your business are better taken care of.

3. Internal Theft Prevention

Sometimes, theft happens from the people you least expect it to. As much as you may trust your Store Manager or your Logistics Operator, you need to know for sure whether or not they have the business’s best interest in mind.

A security guard can help you with that. They know how to identify and handle internal theft. Not to mention, they can usually do so without drawing unnecessary attention to the issue.

Security Guard Shack4. Resolution for Physical Safety Issues

Here’s an interesting thought: what if you have a violent person come into your workplace one day? This could be a customer, or it may actually be an employee.

Either way, the last thing you want is to be left with nothing to do if such an event happens. You need to be prepared in case your employees and customers need protection, and you can’t protect them all on your own.

5. Evacuation Support

The danger of violence is only one thing you may have to protect the people in your workplace from. If there’s a sudden fire, a gas leak, or some other need for evacuation, you need to act right away.

There’s no time to wait for first responders in situations like these. Every second counts, and every person inside the building is relying on you to get them to safety.

As such, you need to be able to rely on your security guards to answer the call of duty should this moment ever come. They’re the people who will create the best possible evacuation route to prepare for something like this. Plus, they’ll have a strong knowledge of the grounds to work with in case a new route needs to be taken.

6. Routine Monitoring

As intense as some of the reasons for having a security guard can be, there’s benefit in having a guard on the grounds even when nothing is wrong. This lets you know for sure that everything is as it should be.

It means you’ll never have to look over your shoulder or think twice about certain business operations because you know you have someone looking out for you. Such peace of mind allows you to better focus on other aspects of your business and build a stronger, more successful company.

7. ‘Round the Clock Support

Even if you think you can handle all the safety needs of your business on your own, you do have to admit you can’t do this 24/7. A team of security guards can, though.

They’re the people who will be on-site before anyone else shows up to work and after the last person leaves. They’ll be monitoring your business grounds in the middle of the night every single night and every hour of the day, too.

8. An Additional Customer Service Resource

The final benefit of having a security guard is arguably the most interesting. They’re the first person that a customer sees as they’re pulling into your parking lot or walking into your building.

That immediately makes a customer feel safe and looked after. This boosts their level of trust in your business and it gives you a bit of credibility, too – just by having a security guard present!

If the guard happens to answer a customer’s question or even do something as simple as open the door for them, the customer experience becomes much more enjoyable. These small actions make such a big difference.

3 Things You Need Before You Hire a Security Guard

It’s one thing to understand the benefits you get when you hire a security guard, and another to make sure you set up the best safety initiatives for your business. You can’t just hire anyone to do the job, and you shouldn’t start this hiring process if you’re not prepared.

You need to do 3 other things first:

  1. Assess the level of safety currently at your business and what your needs are
  2. Set a budget for your security team’s pay and benefits
  3. Create a guard shack for them to work out of.

For help with the third task, check out our website today.

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