Security Features That You Should Integrate In Your Mobile Office

Security Features That You Should Integrate In Your Mobile OfficeYour mobile office, being a temporary establishment, is an easy target for criminals. However, the good news is that your mobile office can still be equipped with state-of-the-art security equipment that is commonly used in permanent buildings. Your mobile office may not come equipped with security options and so you must check if your vendor has the capability to install the security equipment that may be necessary to safeguard your property.

You can get security screens installed at your mobile office’s windows. By installing heavy-duty security screens, you can prevent intruders from entering your office through the windows. Available in handy designs, the security screens protect your documents and employees without impacting visibility or the entry of natural light. If you feel that you need to integrate some additional measures in your office windows to further enhance the security standard, you may choose to add security bars in the windows. Security bars have a prominent appearance compared to security screens, but they can serve as an excellent option to prevent intrusion. After all, at the end of the day, what you need is peace of mind. So the installation of security bars in your mobile office’s windows will not bother you much in terms of maintaining your office’s interior and exterior appeal if you have security as your priority.

With criminals becoming smarter and finding innovative ways to get access to your premises, you may choose to install high-security locks, such as deadbolt locks, in your mobile office to minimize the risk of lock picking incidents. Deadbolts can only be opened from outside if you have a key. Constructed with hardened steel, the bolt stretches into its door-jamb hole, which is armoured with a metal strike plate that is fixed to the door-frame studs with 3-inch screws. You can install single bolt or double-bolt systems depending on your need and the combined cost of the lock and its installation may go up to $200.

If your security needs are highly sensitive, you may want to install closed circuit television system in your mobile office. By keeping a closed circuit television system in place, you will be able to closely monitor every part of your office premises simultaneously. Surveillance cams should be set up at places where they cannot be tampered with or disabled easily. These cams can use motion detection technology to record any sort of movement and they can even be programmed to send out cell phone alerts or email notifications when motion is recorded at unusual hours.

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