What is a Mobile Office Trailer? A Guide for First Time Buyers

construction office trailerMany businesses require a temporary mobile office solution to suit their needs. Find out which portable office trailer is right for you.

Many businesses will find they need extra space at some point in their lives. You could hire new staff and need somewhere to put them.

Perhaps you’re moving to a new location and your new office isn’t ready yet. Or maybe you need space for a temporary classroom for a short series of workshops.

Even retail businesses often need to store overflow stock. And scientific facilities may need temporary space for short-term labs. That might be to assist in disaster recovery or simply to process material.

But renting physical office space isn’t cheap. Rents can range from $20.97 per square foot to $74 per square foot.

Mobile offices can provide a much cheaper solution. Wondering if you should get a portable office trailer? Read on to learn more.

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What Is an Office Trailer?

As the name suggests, a mobile office is an office that’s not tied to a location. The construction industry often uses mobile offices on building sites.

Portable office trailers are single units including everything you need. They’re less expensive than modular office options. The only assembly required is the fixing of the office to the ground.

These pre-manufactured offices sit on a trailer basis. They’re easy to deliver and set up because they’re so portable.

But they’re more welcoming than modular offices. They look like regular offices, just on a smaller scale.

Mobile offices also have another advantage since they sit above the ground. You’re better protected from flooding and other risks in these trailers.

Many people fit stairs but you can also have a ramp added if you need disabled access.

Some people reuse old shipping containers as office space. But they’re less easy to move. We’re focusing on office trailers in this article.

Mobile Office BuildingsWhat Are Mobile Offices Used For?

They’re great for people starting new businesses. They represent less commitment than leasing space in an office building.

Mobile offices are also useful if your permanent office space is being renovated. Or perhaps you’re moving to a new location and the new offices aren’t ready yet. You can work out of a mobile office until your permanent solution is available.

And mobile offices offer flexibility for temporary jobs. Say your role on a construction site only lasts for six weeks. Towing a portable office trailer to the site is easier than leasing office space nearby.

They’re also a great idea if you move around a lot within your job. If you travel to run workshops or seminars, you might want a mobile office.

It’s better than working out of a hotel room. All you need is the means to transport the mobile office between locations.

What Are the Common Types of Mobile Office?

When you rent your mobile office, you’ll be able to choose its size and layout. Rental rates vary according to the amount of space you need.

Choose the size of your trailer based on the amount of space you have onsite.

And make sure you double check the amount of usable square footage you have. Internal measurements are just as crucial as external dimensions.

The number of people using the office will also determine the size of the unit. Work on the assumption that each person needs around 150 square feet of space.

Single-Wide Office Trailer Units

Single-wide units are great if you just need a small office and a more general area.

Use this general area as an informal working space, storage, or extra office space for other workers.

These units are a good choice for solopreneur businesses. They’re also excellent if you’re a realtor based at a housing development.

Use the office when you need space to focus on your work. Keep the general area for meeting prospective buyers.

Or use them as space to host workshops. They’re also helpful if you want to use a mobile office for storage, rather than office space.

Double-Wide Portable Office Buildings

The provider welds two single units together to make these double-size offices. The advantage of these bigger trailers is the extra space.

You can have a break area or a kitchen to provide a social space for staff. These trailers are great if you need space while your main office is unavailable.

They’re also helpful if you need lab space or a temporary headquarters.

Triple-Wide Units

As the name implies, the provider will create one trailer out of three single-wide units. Because of their bulky dimensions, they’re often assembled onsite.

They need a lot more ground space to host these trailers. These units aren’t as common as single or double trailers.

Office TrailersWhat Else Do I Need to Know?

Larger trailers should include bathrooms. So if you’re choosing a smaller unit, make sure you know where the nearest restrooms are.

Line up a utility supplier in advance. That includes water, electricity, data, and phone lines.

If you’re going to use the trailer for less than three years, it’s best to rent. Many dealers offer a minimum contract of three months. So they’re still more flexible than fixed office space.

If you’ll use it for longer than three years, consider buying your trailer. That’s the better option if you have the equipment to take the trailer to different locations.

Pay attention to security. They’re not theft-proof so you may want to choose metal bars over the windows. Or invest in good-quality locking systems to keep equipment safe overnight.

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Now you know about the benefits of a portable office trailer. They’re temporary, easy to use, and affordable.

They also offer your business the flexibility it needs. Demands change throughout the year. Using these mobile spaces can meet those seasonal challenges.

There are also plenty of options so you’ll be able to find one that matches your needs. So if you’re in the market for a mobile office, why not check out our inventory?

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