A Buyer’s Guide for an Office Mobile Trailer

office mobile trailer

In 2021 the total spending for construction in the United States reached 1.7 trillion dollars despite the global post-pandemic effects. The growth promises to increase more in the future years.

As the popularity of office mobile trailers spills over to other sectors, the construction industry remains the highest consumer of this facility.

Whether you want to buy or lease a portable office trailer rental, this article gives you tips for selecting the right mobile office trailer.


Why Your Company Should Consider a Mobile Office

Service-oriented industries like construction capitalize on mobile office trailers for administration and handling their paperwork. Here are more reasons to use a portable office trailer.

Increase Operational Efficiency and Convenience

A mobile office trailer allows you to work from wherever you are. You can be operational and efficient in reaching out to your clientele and still have time to prep yourself for a meeting before the next stop with your colleagues.

A trailer does not restrict your business to one physical location. Maximizing time in transition is an added benefit of a portable office, thus delivering more output.


For a start-up or a small-term construction project, buying or renting a building for your office is expensive. But, a construction trailer is a smart option for a safe and affordable working space.

Unlike a building, where buying and leasing take a long process, a small mobile office trailer is ready for work after delivery.

It is Flexible to What You Want it to Be

A mobile office trailer is flexible to accommodate every need you may have.

First, because the office is portable, you can tweak it to various floor layouts and customize the floors. They also ensure productivity for whatever business you have and are available in all sizes.


A mobile office trailer on a construction site needs accessories for adequate accessibility and safety for everyone on the site. These include:

Steps and decking: Doors in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Skirting: Enhances the curb appeal of the exterior of the trailer
Signage: Creates awareness of potential dangers on the site
Barricades: To control entry

When to Buy a Mobile Office Trailer

Buying a mobile construction trailer can be expensive and unnecessary if your project is short-termed. In this case, portable office trailer rental can be the best and most cost-effective solution. But if your company falls under the following two sections, buying an office trailer is more effective.

If Your Projects Are Long-Term

If your projects are long-term, you will use the facility for a while. Most suppliers advise the buyers to purchase a big mobile office trailer that can accommodate several amenities.

They also offer other options such as the lease-to-purchase to encourage construction companies to get a construction trailer.

Since the cost of acquiring a mobile office trailer rental and buying the office during that period will be almost the same, it is better to buy the office trailer.

If Your Company Has a Specific Theme and Design and Cannot Compromise

Suppose your company cares about the interiors and desires to customize the acquired office space.

Buying this portable office trailer is ideal for you, especially when your supplier is unwilling to make the additional customizations you want or charges a hefty fee.

Purchasing a mobile office trailer is ideal for meeting your company’s designs and likes, as it gives you the flexibility to customize your office per your original design.


What Your Construction Company Should Consider When Buying a Mobile Office Trailer

With the growing widespread use of mobile office trailers, there are numerous choices available in the market. If your company needs an urgent and temporary workspace, here are three things you should consider.

1. The Size of Your Mobile Office Trailer

Another major factor to consider when buying a mobile office trailer is the size of the space. How big or small a trailer to buy depends on the usage and the number of people it will serve.

For example, if the portable office trailer were a store, it would need to be big as every worker needs to safeguard their tools and personal belongings in a safe cabinet. Depending on the number of employees on your site, you can always add more square feet to accommodate everyone.

2. Geographic Location for Your Office Mobile Trailer

Where you geographically decide to pace your mobile office trailer will have an impact on how efficiently the trailer is set up upon delivery and moved when you change location.

The location you choose for your portable office trailers should be even and flat. If not, please inform your supplier before the delivery for proper planning.

Mobile office trailer power requirements will also affect where you put your trailer. A professional should help you with the wiring if your location is perfect for electricity.

Alternatively, you can purchase a generator to substitute for electricity. Your site’s distance from your supplier may also mean an additional cost because your supplier has to hitch the mobile office trailer on a truck for delivery.

3. Consider Security

Security is vital on a construction site. Thus before a mobile office trailer purchase, define the use of your trailer.

If you use the trailer as a storage unit for your company’s construction materials, consider getting a trailer made of steel. You can also enhance the high level of Security by installing tri-can locking security.

Fortunately, most office mobile trailers have good security features to protect your workspace from theft. The trailers also have good lockable steel doors and enough keys to allow your personnel access.

You Now Know the Tips for Buying an Office Mobile Trailer

When it comes to a decision on settling for a portable office trailer, consider various factors. The length of the trailer in usage also helps determine a perfect match.

For your construction company, you need the guidance and honest opinion of someone who has your best interest at heart to settle for the best construction trailer.

A knowledgeable and reliable office mobile trailer provider will provide you with quotes and answer any questions you may have.

Contact us to get free quotes for a mobile office trailer that suits your company.