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There’s a lot to consider when renting a jobsite trailer, including space, material, and climate control. Here’s how to rent a fully equipped office trailer on a small budget.

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The mobile office trailer industry takes in roughly $303 million every year — mostly because it’s an affordable solution for onsite jobs. The trailers are easy to transport and require very little setup.

These attributes make the job site trailers especially suited for construction work. Additionally, you can also find them used for classrooms, mobile clinics, and guard shacks. Let Mobile Office Deals help you rent your job Site Trailer for less.

Small Jobsite Trailer Sizes For Rent:

  • 8’x 20’ (160 sq ft)
  • 8’x 28’ (224 sq ft)
  • 8’x 32’ (256 sq ft)
  • 8’x 36’ (288 sq ft)
  • 10’x 40’ (400 sq ft)
  • 10’x 50’ (500 sq ft)


Medium Jobsite Trailer Sizes For Rent:

  • 12’x 32’ (384 sq ft)
  • 12’x 44’ (528 sq ft)
  • 12’x 56’ (672 sq ft)
  • 12’x 60’ (720 sq ft)
  • 14’x 45’ (630 sq ft)


Large (Doublewide) Jobsite Trailer Sizes For Rent:

  • 24’x 44’ (1,056 sq ft)
  • 24’x 56’ (1,344 sq ft)
  • 24’x 60’ (1,440 sq ft)
  • 28’x 70’ (1,960 sq ft)
  • 28’x 74’ (2,072 sq ft)


Job Site Trailer Uses

A job site trailer is a trailer that can be used for office or storage capabilities. These products look similar to the shipping containers found on trucks. However, there are some key differences.

jobsite trailer

A jobsite trailer usually comes with doors and windows. Some of the buildings are the trailers themselves — so they come with wheels at the bottom and a hitch to attach to a truck.

Others fit oversized on the back of a truck and are more stable, brick and mortar models. Almost all office job site trailers are equipped with air conditioning and heating units for bad weather, and power capabilities.

A jobsite trailer is ideal for construction work that requires frequent moving but still needs a temporary onsite office. However, their use isn’t limited to construction. People also use them in the following fields:

  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Government
  • Energy
  • Religion
  • Banking

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So, why are job site office trailers so popular in these areas. The main reasons are convenience and affordability.

If you’re only in an area for a few months, then it makes a lot more sense to bring in an office building rather than building a temporary one. You save a lot of money, and the trailer or container company handles the transportation.

Once you finish the job, then you can easily contact the company and have them pick up the office building. If you’re more interested in mobile office trailers, then you can find out more about the different types of mobile office trailers by checking out our guide here.

double-wide-office trailer design

Renting A Jobsite Trailer – FAQs

Now that we’re more familiar with the function and benefits of a job site trailer, we can learn more about the rental process. Here are five things you should always consider before deciding which jobsite trailer works best for you.

1. Specific Use?

The first thing you should think about when renting a job-site trailer is the specific use you need from it. Different uses require different models. If all you need is non-heated storage, then you should go with steel storage containers.

However, anything you have people inside of it — whether for office space, classrooms, or make-shift medical spaces — requires proper ventilation, heating, cooling, and power capabilities.

Medical spaces, or places that require a lot of power, may need a specialized office trailer to power life support equipment. So make sure you know what you want before you begin the rental process.

Fully Equipped jobsite trailers

2. Installation Costs?

A flat rental rate isn’t the only thing you’ll need to pay for when you rent a job-site trailer. You must also pay the company installation costs. These costs typically cover the costs of transportation and the labor needed for set-up.

The cost for installation can vary depending on the company you go with, but one source estimates that it usually costs between $1000 and $5000 to transport and set-up a jobsite trailer.

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3. Amount of People Present?

The next thing you should consider is the number of people who need to use the portable office trailer. Overcrowded jobsite trailers are uncomfortable and they can make any occupation or activity uncomfortable.

Even the larger trailers can’t hold many people so it’s important to rent multiple units if you need them. A small, 8 foot by 16-foot trailer is large enough for one to two occupants.

Larger, 24 feet by 64-foot job-site trailers can hold up to ten people. While you may not want to rent multiple units to support your employees it’s important to remember that they will work more productively if they are comfortable.

Office Trailer

4. Space Available?

You will also need to consider the space you plan to set up the office trailer on. You should first make sure that the area you plan to set the trailer up in isn’t on anyone else’s property.

Renters should also plan and make sure their temporary building won’t interrupt any onsite work. Finally, the area you plan to use must be relatively flat, otherwise, the trailer won’t be safe and secure when set up.

If you can, go out to the job-site before ordering the jobsite trailers. Locate the best space for the trailers and estimate the amount you can fit.

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5. How Much Time You Need It?

The amount of time you require the construction site trailer will also determine the model that best suits your rental needs. A job that lasts for only a few weeks should be as barebones as possible.

This precaution will make transport, set-up, and take-down much more streamlined. However, long-term setup may prefer more stable brick and mortar buildings.

These types of models can come with better amenities like plumbing and running water. So, if you can, make sure to perform a rough time estimate to figure out how long the job will likely last.

Affordable Jobsite Trailers

Preparing Your Site For Office Trailer Delivery

  • Make certain the ground level.
  • Be certain the space is clear of debris, vegetation, branches or wires.
  • Make sure the space is a no flood zone.
  • Make sure that is ample space for the unit.
  • Ensure that is easy access to the delivery site.

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We hope this article helped you figure out what you should consider when it comes to construction office trailer rental. While these types of portable building and storage devices are incredibly convenient, it can be difficult to find a company you can trust.

So how can you make sure you’re getting the best rental deal possible? If you go through Mobile Office Deals, then you don’t need to worry about it. We provide you with a free written offer so you can compare companies.

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