Modular Daycare Buildings | Permanent And Temporary Daycare Space

The smart choice for a daycare center building is a modular solution. This way, you can put up new permanent space more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional construction with its endless customization options that are perfect no matter what kind of facility it will house or how much room they need in order to accommodate children’s needs.


How Much Do Daycare Buildings Cost?

When building a daycare building, it is important to consider the long-term costs of standard construction. The average cost for a standard construction facility with 15-25 seats runs between $140-$300 per square foot, but modular daycare buildings can be as much as 50% less depending on the size and specifications needed by your business needs.

Daycare Floor Plans

Request a quote and get your customized floor plan for the perfect daycare building to meet your needs.

Modular daycare buildings are perfect for your business as they offer a variety of options to meet different needs. Affordable Structures offers these fully customizable spaces that can be customized with everything from extra office space and private napping areas all the way down through playrooms or classrooms depending on what you need.

We believe that children are natural learners. So to help them learn and grow, daycare’s floor plans include features such as:

  • Changing stations for parents inside the building so they don’t need an outdoor change area;
  • Storage cubbies where supplies can be stored when not being used by kids or put away after use (including child-sized furniture)
  • Dutch doors allow you to view outside activities from indoors without parting with any fresh air at all
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchen and snack areas
  • Locker rooms
  • Staff offices
  • Activity play area

How Much Square Footage Will You Need?

The days of finding a giant building to house your daycare children and staff are gone. With modular daycare facilities, you can choose from sizes that range anywhere between 600 square feet and 10,000+ sq. ft. – depending on what type or style facility will best suit the needs of both staff members as well parents picking up their kids early from school. In addition, there are common areas including bathrooms too which means less time traipsing back and forth between classrooms while keeping an eye out during playtime; all this is possible thanks in part to new innovations like sustainable materials used throughout the construction.

\modular classroom building

Metal Daycare Buildings

Those who provide children with safe and secure environments for their growth should take note of the options for metal daycare buildings. From a daycare, nursery school, or infant care program all the way up through an after-school community center-based summer camp experience – they can help you create your very own quality childcare facility that will be dependable at every turn.

There are many state-specific requirements for daycare facilities. To meet these standards, the building must be customized to each individual’s needs and desires while still providing a comfortable environment where staff members can work or play comfortably with children in their care on-site at any given time during opening hours – from small family operations all of way up through large centers that serve hundreds upon thousands daily. When it comes down to choosing between different types (and sizes)of buildings out there; don’t hesitate to contact us for quotes. Roof options include:

  • Gable
  • Gambrel
  • Hip
  • Dutch Hip
  • Gable Dormer
  • And More

Prefabricated Steel Daycare Buildings

If you’re looking for a flexible and cost-effective solution to your daycare needs, then prefabricated metal buildings might be the answer. These durable construction methods can easily expand with growth as needed without having an expensive impact on property value or neighboring homes – making them perfect not just now but years down the line.

Steel buildings provide a versatile solution for childcare spaces. They allow you to create the interior of your dream with rooms such as spacious offices, classrooms without columns or support structures, and more.

Building a steel building for your daycare center is the best way to save money! With traditional brick or wooden structures, it can cost hundreds of thousands at least. But with affordable prices on these high-quality products that last longer than most buildings do – you’re bound to find one within reach no matter what size operation is looking into starting up today.


Steel daycare structures offer a spacious and versatile interior design that is perfect for any play area. You can create larger spaces to accommodate all ages, or divide the space into smaller areas according to age groups- there are no limits! Plus as your needs change in this customizable environment you won’t have much trouble rerouting around load-bearing walls because they’re not needed inside of it anymore.


Metal buildings are the ultimate in sustainability. Not only do they cost less than traditional structures, but with their heavy insulation and durable materials, you can reduce heating or cooling costs by up to 50%. Plus there’s no need to worry about sagging roofs – all this because of metal scaffolding.


Metal buildings are the best choice for those who live in areas that may experience hurricanes. They’re designed to withstand high winds while being fireproof, which means you’ll stay safe and secure even if there is a storm! Not only this but it could decrease your cost of insurance as well.


You decide whether you want a short-term (temporary) or long-term building for childcare needs.

Advantages of Modular Buildings

Modular daycare buildings are popular because they provide seamless construction and an efficient solution with a small budget. Modules can be set up quickly and the cost is relatively inexpensive when compared to other building options for childcare centers or schools. A key benefit of using these types of structures includes their ease in terms of managing change. If you need new space added on top then just add another floor rather than reproduce everything from scratch which would take a much longer and time-consuming effort – not only this but also costly financially too.

Modular daycares are a great way to provide your children with the care they need when you’re not around. They come in different sizes and can either be permanent or temporary, depending on what works best for each individual situation. Get quotes now, and discover how affordable it really is.