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Buying, Renting, or Leasing Construction Trailers: Which Is Cheaper?

Are you looking for a way to get your hands on the construction trailers you need for your job site? Do you wonder if it would be smarter to buy or rent portable office trailers for your situation? If so, then you’ll benefit from learning about all benefits of each option.


Buying, renting, or leasing a trailer can help you benefit long term. You’ll have a place for your office staff to work, have meetings, train your next wave of entry-level workers, and so much more.

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See below for an in-depth guide on whether you should buy or rent your mobile office trailers.

Which is Cheaper?

Perhaps you need a place where your superintendents and project managers can hold on-site meetings with your clients. Maybe you would benefit from having your executives closer to the action via working on the job site from time to time.

Whatever the case might be, construction trailers are the answer. That leaves only one question for construction companies such as yourself: should I buy or rent the office trailers I need?

At first, renting might look like the better option; but if you take a 300-foot view of your business model, you’ll see that you’ll always require trailers on your job site.

If you’re asking which option is cheaper, then the short-term answer is renting. You’ll be able to save money on the temporary costs and avoid the cost of maintenance—since you’re renting from someone else.

That said, renting for the project after project isn’t feasible. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where it would be cheaper to have purchased the trailer. Long term, buying your office trailer is cheaper than renting it. There’s also the potential for you to temporarily lease it to make some of your money back.

Regardless of whether you decide to rent or buy, we can help you compare construction trailer prices to find the perfect fit for your budget.

Buying Vs Renting: The Benefits of Each

We understand your struggle. You don’t want to make a rash decision and end up regretting it in the long run. However, we assure you that both methods offer incredible value. They each have their unique benefits.

For those of you that decide to rent construction trailers, you’ll receive such benefits as:

  • Avoiding maintenance costs
  • Save money on temporarily renting a trailer for a one-off job
  • Allow you to figure out what you need in a trailer before you purchase them
  • No need to figure out logistics; the owner will take care of that

If you’re considering purchasing constructions trailers, then you can look forward to benefits like:

  • Saving on long-term price; getting the maximum return on your investment
  • Customize your mobile office trailers to benefit your business operations
  • Always ensuring that you’ll have construction trailers on-site; not becoming victim to supply and demand
  • Create your preferred atmosphere with colors, flooring, lighting, layout, and more

If you’re still unsure, here’s our recommendation: rent trailers for your next job so that you can see what you need in the trailers that you purchase. That way, you’ll have more confidence in your decision.


How to Find the Best Deal on Construction Trailers

Whether you decide to buy or rent a construction trailer, you need to focus on getting the highest return on your company’s investment. Here’s how we can help you achieve that.

1. Fill Out Our Form

We want to help you find the best fit for your situation. To do that, we’ve created an online form that you can fill out. This will give us a better idea of what you’re looking for.

First, you’ll give us more insight into things like the type of quote that you’re looking for (which, in this situation, would be mobile office trailers).

We also ask you things like how you plan on using it, the size you’re looking for, and how long you’ll need it. That way, we present you with the best options at the lowest price.

2. Receive Your Quotes

After you’ve taken the time to fill out our online form (which shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes), you will have options at your disposal.

We will send you FREE written quotes from sellers and leaders. You can save up to 27-percent off of all your job-site trailers when you use our online contact form.

We want to provide you with as many legitimate options as possible so that you can compare, decide, and save; it’s as simple as that.

3. Choose the Best Offer for Your Situation

Even if you’re undecided on renting or buying, the answers you give us in the online form will tell us which option is the best for you (at this point in time).

Once you have the options in front of you, you’ll be able to find the best fit for your needs. We encourage that you show these quotes to other members of your team to get positive feedback.

We have great relationships with all of the sellers who provide you with quotes. No matter who you choose to buy/rent from, you’ll have peace of mind that they can be trusted.

Buy or Rent Your Construction Trailers Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on buying, renting, and leasing construction trailers, it’s time to get a few quotes for your needs.

Take the time to read this article for more information on how to choose a portable office trailer that fits your budget. To get started, simply click the “Get Quotes” page tab on our site and answer all of the questions we provide.