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In a hurry for temporary office space? A wide range of business owners benefit from using mobile office trailers in Columbus.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile trailer that can move with you, or you need space for staff because you’re in between locations, we have trailers to fit most business needs.

If you haven’t considered a portable office trailer, take a minute and read this post. You’ll learn more about how they’re used, features, and sizes


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Companies working in construction often use portable offices they can transport from one job site to the other. Used construction trailers are also invaluable to the medical industry. FEMA is one prime example.

If you’re looking for a used construction trailer for your business, you likely have many questions. What are the most important things you need to know about purchasing a used trailer in Columbus, Ohio? 

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How Much Do Used Construction Trailers Cost in Columbus, Ohio?

The cost of used construction trailers will vary. Cost factors include the size of the trailer, what features it has, and the condition. The better condition a used construction trailer is in, the more it will cost.

You can generally find used trailers for rent in Columbus starting around $140. The cost of purchasing a trailer typically starts at $3,500 and continues upward.

These are only estimates. There may be opportunities to rent or buy less expensive trailers. Many trailers could be much more expensive.

Common Uses of Mobile Offices

Mobile offices are typically used as temporary solutions for some companies. This might be when companies are waiting for permanent construction to be built. It might also be while businesses are waiting to find a permanent location.

Mobile offices are also used for jobs that need to travel, like construction. Unlike a permanent fixture, used office trailers can be transported from one job site to the next. All your most important information can be on hand at all times.

Some companies use mobile offices as small storage units. Typically, this would include storing important paperwork. Or, small important items that need more security than a tow trailer offers.

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Features to Look for in Used Office Trailers

Used office trailers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can choose one with extra features that best suit your business.

Some office trailers are ground-level, which means they’re built to sit flat on the ground. Others feature wheels that allow it to pull behind a truck. Still others need to be installed off the ground.

Some used office trailers have bathrooms, while others do not. For some, the ability to use the bathroom is a must. Others may already have access to bathrooms.

Consider the use of your trailer, also. Construction companies might only need a single room configuration. A portable medical office might need one or two separate examination rooms.

Mobile Office Trailers

Renting vs Purchasing

Many companies question whether they should rent or buy a used office trailer. The answer depends on several factors.

Generally, you should rent a trailer if:

  • You don’t have the upfront costs to buy
  • You plan on using the trailer for less than two years
  • You don’t want to bother with the purchasing process
  • Your needs are simple
  • You prefer a monthly fee

But, you generally want to buy the trailer if:

  • You have the funds available for purchase
  • You don’t want to bother with monthly fees
  • You plan to use the trailer long-term
  • You want to refurbish the trailer to suit your specific purposes

The most important factor for most companies when deciding between renting and purchasing is price. When this isn’t an issue, the length of use is the next most important consideration.

For More Information

Want more information on used construction trailers? Check out this great resource to learn more about used office trailers for your business.

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