Understanding the Construction Trailer Rental Process

construction trailer rental

Nearly one in 20 people in the US work in construction, or over 7 million in total!

As sites get larger and larger, they become more challenging to manage. Especially on a long project, doing so remotely can cause even more problems. Miscommunication is all too easy when not everyone is physically on-site.

That’s where construction trailers come in. They provide temporary office space to allow those managing the site to work there in person. Larger trailers can even accommodate break-out rooms, storage, and triage in case of emergencies.

The question is, should you look into construction trailer rental or buy one instead?


Choosing to rent a mobile construction office is definitely the easiest way. The responsibility of maintenance doesn’t fall on you, so you’ll always have a trailer that feels brand new.

It’s also delivered to and removed from the site without you having to lift a finger. Renting your construction office allows you to focus on your project, knowing that your office space is sorted.

If you’re thinking of renting a mobile office for your next build, what do you need to know? Read on for our 2022 guide for the entire trailer rental process.

The Construction Trailer Rental Process

From start to finish, the construction trailer rental process is simple. It involves some research and decision-making into what your site will need. But once you’ve ordered your trailer, the process is smooth sailing – and all out of your hands!

Trailer Selection

Choosing the right trailer for your site is essential to its success. To decide what you need, you should be sure of these two details:

  • What purpose the trailer will serve
  • How many people it should be able to accommodate

Once that’s established, you can select the right size. Rental companies should help you figure out which size is best for you. They should also offer a free consultation and quote at this stage of the process.

Trailers usually come in single, double, or triple wide. Meaning the final product is either just the one trailer, or two or three welded together for a larger space.

A single wide trailer typically can accommodate a room on each end, with a larger space in the middle. These two rooms are usually used as offices, storage, or kitchen spaces. The larger middle area may have a table for people to meet for breaks or work.

Depending on its specifications, a single wide trailer usually accommodates 6 people at a time comfortably.

Double-wide trailers give you more space and configurations to play with. They are particularly popular with sites that want a kitchen area in their trailer. They usually have four rooms as well as a central open area.

For the largest sites, triple-wide trailers are the best option. These are rarer but can be just as functional. If you want multiple offices, meeting spaces, storage, and a decent kitchen, triple-wide trailers will serve you well.

Mobile Office Features

Once you’ve chosen the size of office you’d like, you need to make decisions about the interior and exterior. That includes the configuration, as discussed, but also the trailer features.

Obviously, you’ll want power in your trailer. But extra considerations include the following:

  • HVAC systems in one or all of the rooms
  • Security systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Electric heating
  • Furniture
  • Wi-Fi
  • Computers
  • Projectors
  • Water
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Exterior decking
  • Exterior ramps

When you have decided about both your office size and desired features, you can get ordering! But you should check if there are any legal requirements in your area first.


Legal Checks

Failing to stay up to date with the legal requirements for a trailer in your area can delay the whole process. The trailer may have to be removed if it isn’t compliant. This can be just as expensive as it is frustrating.

What should you be looking for?

Check your local laws for trailer placement. Usually, keeping it on the side of the road will require a permit. But some states may even require a permit for a trailer to be within your land.

Some areas may also require the trailer to be ADA compliant.

Research the required permits and compliance in your area before ordering your trailer. Then the next steps can go off without a hitch.

Site Preparation

Imagine the scene. Your trailer of choice with all your chosen features arrives on site.

But you’ve got nowhere to put it. No ground has been leveled, or there isn’t a clear route to its location. The delivery truck has to turn around, wasting everyone’s time and money.

To prevent this from happening, the site needs to be prepared for your mobile trailer. What does that involve?

As we said, your trailer needs a level location and a good access route. But there’s more to it than that.

What terrain will your trailer be sitting on? Is it solid enough to hold its weight, even during a particularly wet spring or fall?

Talk this through with your rental supplier to make sure your site is suitable.

Trailer Delivery

Once you’ve ordered your trailer, it will be with you shortly! What should you expect from the delivery process?

Delivery usually takes between a few days to a few weeks. The exact amount of time will depend on the specifications you chose. When ordering the trailer, rental companies should be explicit about the delivery times so that you can plan accordingly.

On the day, the delivery team will put the trailer in place for you and fix it to the ground.

This is one of the biggest advantages of renting over buying. The rental team will handle all of the hard work and safety checks, so you don’t have to worry. You do not carry responsibility for the trailer’s correct and safe installation.

All you have to do is open the front door and enter with peace of mind!

After it’s been fixed in place, the delivery team will add on any exterior extras you requested, such as ramps or decks.

Then you’re free to start using your trailer immediately.

Trailer Usage

The rental process stays just as simple during the trailer’s usage. Just pay your monthly installments for the duration of your rental period, and there won’t be any issues!

Can I Extend My Trailer Rental?

There are many reasons that rentals get extended, but overrunning projects is the most common one. Rental companies should have a procedure in place for this situation.

Generally, it’s easy to extend the rental period. It will simply require more monthly payments until the trailer is returned.

However, each trailer is different. So there is a chance that your specific trailer has been rented out to a new client at the end of your rental period.

In that case, an extension is still possible, but might be with a different trailer. Your rental company will talk you through exactly how these handovers will work and what they cost.

What If There’s a Problem With the Trailer?

Rental trailers aren’t brand new every time and need occasional maintenance. They arrive with all maintenance schedules up to date. But there’s always a chance that something will break from use.

If anything from an AC unit to a kitchen sink breaks, get in touch with your rental company. They should be able to dispatch a maintenance team to sort out the problem for you.

Trailer Return

Trailer return is just as simple as delivery. The rental company’s team arrives, removes the trailer, and leaves you be!

To make this process as smooth as possible, make sure the trailer is empty of everything belonging to your business. That way, there will be no delays in collection.

Rent from a Trusted Construction Office Provider

Construction trailers make managing a job site significantly smoother. Your rental experience should also be smooth. So more important than any of these steps is choosing the right company.

A good construction trailer rental company has a good reputation, can cater to any needs, and is always available for support. At Mobile Office Deals, we pride ourselves on the range of trailers we offer and our many happy customers!

Get in touch with us for a quote today. Tell us about your project and we’ll help you find the perfect rental trailer to support it.