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If you’re part of the $1,355,097 million construction industry, you can look forward to steady growth at 8.8% this year. That means there’s bound to be more work coming your way soon.

In this light, you’re on the right track if you’re considering buying mobile offices for your construction sites. These convenient structures are vital for keeping things organized and on track without breaking your budget.

Keep reading to discover why you should buy or rent construction trailers and how much you can expect to spend.


Is a Mobile Office Right for You?

Mobile offices are easy and quick to set up, making them ideal for the temporary nature of a construction site. They’re versatile enough to use as a base for your site supervisor or manager to keep tabs on things or to serve as a break room for workers.

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For this reason, they’re also used in a wide range of other industries, too. Mobile offices work well when used as clinics, classrooms, shops, storage facilities, and more.

So, if you need an enclosed area anywhere on your construction site, you can benefit from buying or renting a portable office. The only question is, what type and size trailer do you need?

Types and Sizes of Construction Trailers

Mobile offices vary in size from 20’x 8′ trailers to 65′ x 48′ office complexes, but the size isn’t the only thing that counts when it comes to choosing a mobile office.

Here’s your guide to the different types and what they’re used for:

Modular Buildings

Panelized, stackable modular buildings are pre-wired and highly customizable. You can choose from a variety of windows and doors to create a high-end, customized look to suit your needs.

Since they’re stackable, they’re a good solution when you need a versatile office solution but don’t have a lot of space.

Container Offices

Container offices suit small projects best. They’re ISO-certified ground-level buildings featuring heat and air conditioning and fully welded weather-resistant steel exteriors.

The windows have tamper-proof screws for your peace of mind, and you can choose from a variety of configurations, including storage/office combinations.

You will need a solid, level foundation to accommodate this type of office.

Office Trailers

Portable office trailers offer supreme convenience. Suppliers can configure them with a vast range of configurations regarding size, shape, and aesthetics.

You can add a variety of things to an office trailer according to your needs, like:

  • Bathrooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Electricity
  • Office equipment
  • Steps and ramps
  • Decks

Your choice of a mobile office depends on your unique needs per project.


Choosing the Best Mobile Office for Your Construction Site

There are three main things to consider when choosing a job site trailer. These are:

Your Uses for the Workspace

You can use your portable building as a place to discuss the daily workload or as a lunchroom for workers. Other uses might include a place to meet clients and subcontractors or as a place for general office duties.

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You should also consider whether you need a restroom in the unit.

Numbers of Permanent and Temporary Occupants

As a general rule, you should plan on 100-150 square feet per person when choosing a mobile office size. Remember, in the case of a trailer; suppliers include the tow hitch in the total square footage.

It’s best to ask for both internal and external measurements when calculating the size you need and whether the trailer will fit on your job site.

Your Available Space

You must survey your site in detail before selecting a suitable trailer. Some things to consider include:

Mobile Office Placement

Consider the layout of the entire site and where your mobile office will fit in best. You should also consider whether the layout will change as work progresses.

It’s best to leave at least 6 feet of space around your building for free movement. This depends on your local regulations, so check with the relevant authorities first.

Do you need it located close to key areas? Does it need to be a certain distance from other structures?

Most mobile offices arrive on a very large truck and trailer. For instance, you’ll need space to accommodate a 100-foot-long vehicle when you order a 40-foot mobile office.

If you want a ground-level office or storage unit, you need enough space on site to accommodate it, plus an extra 120 feet to unload it.

Foundation Issues

The surface you wish to place your office on can impact the type of trailer you can accommodate. The best surfaces for these heavy structures are:

  • Gravel
  • Cement
  • Stone paving
  • Asphalt

Make sure there’s adequate drainage to prevent water from pooling under the trailer. This could cause the structure to shift over time.

You must look into all these issues before your trailer arrives. If you’re considering buying a trailer, use the most usual circumstances of your projects as a guide.

A proactive plan ensures you’ll enjoy the best benefits of portable construction trailers.

Customizing Your Mobile Office

You can also choose from different configurations when deciding on the best construction trailer for your needs. Some of the possibilities to consider include:

  • Private offices
  • Common work areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Restrooms

A good supplier will happily accommodate your requirements, so discuss your needs with them in-depth before you make up your mind.

Unless you have extra furniture and office equipment to hand, you should inquire whether your supplier can assist with these aspects.

Remember, you might need to comply with necessary OSHA and ADA requirements regarding ramps, so take these into account.

Pre-wired units present fewer risks and save time and money for busy contractors.

When you arrange everything you need with one supplier, your trailer arrives ready to go, saving you the hassle of juggling multiple responsibilities and suppliers.

Should You Buy or Rent Mobile Offices?

If you work on the same type of project consistently, it might work out best for you to buy a trailer that suits your needs. That leaves you with a choice of new construction trailers vs. used ones.

Mobile Office Trailers

Used trailers are cheaper, but they might arrive with existing problems, while new trailers are a more expensive option that doesn’t appreciate over time.

In most cases, construction businesses find that renting has more benefits, as follows:


The construction industry is fickle, and business can ebb and flow dramatically. So, most construction companies don’t want to pay large sums of money upfront for a trailer.

It’s much more affordable to rent portable offices when required and to include the cost when you quote your client.


Whether you need your space for years or months, construction trailer rental frequently works out more affordable.

As a rule of thumb, you should only consider buying an office trailer if you’re going to be on the same work site for seven years or more.

Customizing Your Trailer

Buying a new mobile office gives you more flexibility regarding the layout and design. You can do as please when you own the space.

What you see is what you get when you rent a trailer or buy a used one.

Maintaining Your Portable Office

When you buy a unit, you’ll need to ensure it stays in good shape, plus you’ll need to arrange for relocation when needed.

In most cases, the rental company will take care of these aspects when you choose one of their portable offices.

Cost Considerations to Keep in Mind

The cost to rent a construction trailer range from $100-$500 per month. The size of the unit you choose plays a major role in the price, but there are a few other aspects that play a role, too.

These are:

  • Your location
  • The type of structure you choose
  • Any customizations required
  • Duration of the rental agreement
  • Interior configuration

The service level of the supplier you choose can also impact the price of your trailer rental. Superior service costs more, but it also saves you time and assures you of a quality product.

It’s worth paying more to work with a provider who arrives on time, helps you choose and customize the best mobile office for your needs, and is always available when needed.

Budget constraints are important when calculating the costs involved in renting a mobile office for your work site. Yet, it’s important to keep the value of your time in mind, too.

Compare the Costs to Rent Office Trailers

Now that you have a better idea of the things to consider when buying or renting construction trailers, you’re in a better position to make the right choice.

Browse our selection of available trailers and get a quote today, so you can enjoy the convenience of using mobile offices on your next big job.