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Portable Office: Renter’s Guide

How do you coordinate construction projects in remote locations? Where do you store your inventory, like construction materials and equipment? Working from the office can be overwhelming if the construction site is away.

A portable office trailer is a great investment for your construction company. It will save you time, money, and energy. In addition, renting a trailer allows you to move your office around as needed.

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Portable office trailers are available for rent by the day, week, or month. They are easy to set up and move, and they come fully equipped with everything you need.

Keep reading to learn more about renting portable office trailers.

What is a Portable Office Trailer?

A portable office trailer is a unit that you can tow behind your vehicle. It is equipped with everything you need to have a fully functional workplace. This includes all the office furniture and equipment.

Portable office trailers are perfect for construction workers and other employees who require a more permanent work environment. They provide an excellent place to perform business tasks indoors and outdoors.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Portable Office

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right portable office trailer. There is a lot of information to take in and consider. We’ve narrowed down key pointers to consider:


When deciding what size office trailer to rent, consider its use for an extended period. It should accommodate your needs from the beginning to the end of the project. The space should be suitable for your employees and inventory.

Office trailers are available in many different sizes and shapes. Office trailer size is one of the most important aspects of purchasing an office trailer.

There are five common sizes for office trailers: 10’x10′, 10’x20′, 12’x24′, 12’x28′, and 12’x32′. Some businesses choose to purchase multiple sizes to accommodate specific needs. Assess your office or storage needs to determine the ideal size.

Customization Needs

The customization needs depend on your requirements and the work you are doing. Mobile offices are used for office paperwork, emergency rehabilitation, and accommodation. Customization needs differ from one person to another.

Decide if you need regular access to certain tools and equipment when working remotely. If this is the case, your office should be equipped necessary technology and tools.

Mobile office trailers are widely used in the corporate and construction world today. The increasing popularity has prompted many manufacturers to design mobile office trailers with unique add-ons.

Some add-ons to consider include:

  • Steps or ramps
  • Shelves and furniture
  • Technology add-ons
  • Handicap bathrooms

Choose a customizable model office trailer to match your specific needs. Make sure the trailer fittings are compliant with legal portable trailer conditions.


Office trailers are an affordable alternative to building a new office. The cost of renting an office trailer depends on size, construction, and location. How long you plan to rent the trailer also affects the price.

The amenities, maintenance, and add-ons are also a consideration. Consider other hidden costs like insurance and repairs.

Comparing the prices from the various suppliers can be tedious. That’s where Mobile Office Deals come in. We compare the prices for buying or renting an office trailer to help you make sound decisions.

Office Trailer Supplier

You need the right relationships with suppliers. The right supplier can save you a lot of time and money. A reliable supplier will help you find what you need as quickly as possible.

A good supplier can also help you avoid problems down the road. They know your business well and what to expect from you. When looking for the best portable office trailer supplier, check their previous work and experience.

Inquire from friends or family. Alternatively, you can check online reviews. With many suppliers in the market, it can be confusing to choose one.

Take your time to choose the right supplier to avoid frustrations down the road.

Buying or Renting

A portable office space can be rented or bought. This choice is on an entrepreneur’s mind when starting a business. Both options have pros and cons, and the decision will come down to what the owner wants for his business.

It can also be expensive to buy a portable office trailer. Renting a portable office space is less than half of what it would cost to buy. The choice to buy or rent is subject to numerous factors like length of use, projects, and budget.

For one-time short construction projects, it is better to rent than buy. However, if you have several construction projects in remote locations running for long durations, buying is an ideal option.

Decide on New or Used Mobile Office Trailers

Renting a new mobile office trailer is a great way to get into the business. However, it costs more than renting a used trailer. While you’re paying for convenience, you’re also paying for reliability and new technology.

Renting a used office trailer has its own set of pros and cons. It’s well worth looking into if you want to save some money.

When renting a used mobile office trailer, ascertain it’s sturdy enough to meet your needs. It should be in good condition and safely hold your valuables and equipment.


Many businesses forget about security fixtures when renting a mobile office trailer. Security fixtures are overlooked because renting an office trailer is less expensive than building office spaces.

When choosing a portable office, consider theft prevention.

Check the trailer’s security fixtures like locks and CCTV installations. This will help you decide whether you can leave anything valuable in it overnight.

Improve Your Construction Operations with a Portable Office Today

If you need a portable office for your construction business, there are many options to choose from. Work with a reliable supplier to enjoy mobile office benefits.

We have a list of several companies that can rent you a portable office trailer. We will help compare the various options based on your needs. You can get quotes today by visiting our website.

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