Security Tips When Using a Portable Jobsite Office Trailer

Are you considering using a portable job site office trailer for your needs? Here are some of the ways you can keep your security while at work.

As a business owner, one of your top priorities will always be security. The physical security of your commercial space is vital for ensuring a safe work environment for employees, customers, and everyone else who sets foot on the property. Security is also necessary for protecting your assets and preventing other crimes, like vandalism.

But what if you’re workplace consists of portable jobsite office trailers? This is common at construction sites and other areas under development. However, just because you’re working from an office trailer, it doesn’t mean security is any less important.

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1. Install a Security System

First, we recommend installing a security system that you can monitor from your phone or other mobile devices remotely. The system will alert you if any alarms are triggered based on unauthorized entries or motion-activated cameras.

The security system will also be connected to the company that you hire to install it. They will also be monitoring your jobsite and can immediately notify you and local authorities if something is wrong.

2. Install Visible Security Cameras

One of the biggest crime deterrents is the presence of security cameras. Visible cameras drastically affect the way people behave, including criminals. People are less like to trespass, vandalize, break into, or rob a place that is under obvious surveillance.

Though the act of being a criminal is contradictory to not wanting to go to jail, criminals will do everything they can to not get caught. The mere presence of security cameras is often powerful enough to dissuade people planning on breaking the law.

3. Hire a Night Security Guard

If you have a lot of valuable equipment or assets contained at your jobsite, it may be wise to hire a night security guard. Their presence will deter most intruders. However, they are also a great on-site security measure.

In the event that something happens, they can immediately respond, contact local law enforcement, notify you about the event, etc. We also recommend looking into portable guard shacks which will fortify your security presence and provide a command center for guards.

4. Use Bright Motion-Activate Lights

An area with portable job site office trailers can also benefit from motion-activated lights. If you install high-beam lights that are triggered when people get within a certain range of your portable trailers, it will deter them from doing anything unsavory. As noted above, criminals don’t want to get caught, nor do they want to be seen.

5. Invest in Temporary Fencing

Finally, consider installing temporary fencing around your job site. Some construction zones demand it anyway. If not, however, it may be prudent to put up a fence around your office trailers.

Every obstacle you put between criminals and your trailers is an added layer of security. Ideally, your temporary fence will also have a locking gate.

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