Modular Class Rooms and Portable Trailers For Education

Applying Mobile Office Solutions to Educational Challenges

It is human nature to want the best for our children. The challenges and stresses being placed on the educational system have been debated everywhere, from national platforms to around kitchen tables. We all want to find solutions that will ensure a strong education for the next generation, and yet have struggled to find ways to guarantee that happens.

As with so many things in life, budgetary constraints are one of the largest challenges facing schools, thus we find the need for modular classrooms and Portable Classroom Trailers. Even as the fiscal belt tightens, schools are faced with the challenge of accommodating an always-increasing number of students.

The National Center for Education Statistics predicts that over half of the states in the country are going to see student populations increase by as much as 7% over the next seven years. Combined with the current physical state of many schools, it becomes clear that there is a challenge that must be met if we’re to ensure adequate educational facilities for our youth.

Many schools are currently already overcrowded. On top of that, the NCES also discovered that more than half of schools are in need of repairs in order to bring the facilities up to an acceptable condition.

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It is a critical error to assume that the state of educational facilities, and especially the capacity to student ratio, does not have an effect on how students respond in those environments. When placed in a better facility, students perform better. Teachers also are better able to do their jobs in facilities with adequate lighting, good ventilation, and where schools aren’t bursting at the seams. Other factors such as absenteeism among both students and teachers have been linked to the condition of educational facilities, offering further proof that we must put the condition of these establishments high on the priority list.

As always, budgetary concerns are cited when reasons are given for not repairing or expanding schools. This is where modular buildings can offer a solution. For a fraction of the cost that it would take to expand or repair many existing facilities, modular buildings can be used to provide schools with the up-to-date facilities they need.

School divisions have used mobile buildings to offer extra space of any type needed. While some utilize these buildings as extra classrooms, others turn them into administrative offices, libraries or cafeteria facilities. Modular buildings also offer a great option for storage, freeing up space inside schools, or as laboratory space outside the main school building.

Modular classrooms are a way to offer high-quality educational facilities without the kinds of costs associated with comprehensive renovations or additions to a school.