Tips To Help You Pick The Right Subcontractor And Yield Greater Returns

The use of subcontractors is an industry standard – and for good reason. They offer speed, efficiency and even savings at times. However, if you’re not taking an active role in getting the most out of your subcontractors, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. Entire projects have been put on the line because of mismanagement when it comes to hiring and utilizing subcontractors. However, the best in the business find ways to save money, speed up progress, and surpass their client expectations by following these guidelines for maximizing the value you can extract from your subcontracted team.

Communication With Contractors is Key 

From the first time you pick up the phone to reach out to a subcontractor, you need to be crystal clear. Make sure they know exactly what you’re looking for, when you need it by, and what other expectations will be placed on them. This becomes doubly important once the project is underway.

Touch base with your subcontractors on a regular basis to see where they’re at, and to see if they have any questions that need addressing. Also, ask for clear feedback from them about how the project is going. If you’re not getting clear project reports, it is possible that a critical issue will get overlooked.

Do Your Homework Prior To Awarding The Contract

Taking the time to research a sub thoroughly before awarding a contract can save you money, error, and time down the road. Basic checks, like looking into their licenses and insurance, should go without saying, but you also should check out some of their past jobs, references and safety record. Taking a look at the company’s management and operational processes is a good way to see if they will make a good fit with your own organization.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Just because you’ve worked with a subcontractor before doesn’t mean that they’ll be the exact same when you go back to them down the road. Touch base and see if the same people are in charge, and the same processes and standards in place. A double check doesn’t take long, and can help avoid some serious hassles.

Crystal Clear Expectations

When it comes to what you need, how you want it done, and when you want it done by, clarity will get you the best results. Ensuring that everyone understands the expectations at the outset of a project is very valuable, as you can be sure that expectations won’t be met if the parties involved aren’t even clear on what they are.

The Planning Team
Loop your subcontractors in on planning talks and any developments in the planning process. Construction is a hugely complicated business with a lot of moving parts that need to be in sync for things to work effectively. If you leave a subcontractor out of the loop, you could encounter an unforeseen problem down the road.

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