How Much Do Mobile Office Trailers Cost?

A guide to mobile office cost and pricing. Mobile office trailers are a convenience during a build-out that can’t be matched. We’ll show you how much you can expect to spend and the available features.

This guide will help you determine the factors that go into calculating the cost of a mobile office trailer. A mobile office trailer can be a convenient, cost-effective, and even fun method of establishing a temporary or permanent office. They can also help during a build-out, construction job, or other field or transitory situation.

A mobile job site office can be located in a range of environments. The user also has the option of additional features to suit individual project requirements. Costs depend on a variety of factors, from office size to the duration of the lease.

Your mobile office space is an ideal job site addition and provides a much-needed professional area for discussions, meetings, and project planning.

Don’t give up on the convenience of an office just because you’re out on the job. The right mobile office is available at a cost that fits your budget. Regardless of your requirements and location, there are options out there.

Are you seeking a space for use as a sales office, project management office, conference area, temporary medical office, or industrial shutdowns? If so, a transportable office is a beneficial inclusion on any construction site. An area for administrative use, away from the noise of the site, adds both professionalism and serviceability to your work day.

So what are your options? And how much does a mobile office cost?

Calculate The Cost to Buy A New Mobile Office

Mobile Office Rate By SizeDepending on space needed and features required, buying a new mobile office can cost between $10,000 -$85,000. Many commercial customers will choose to buy an office trailer. It doesn’t matter whether they intend to use the unit regularly on different building sites, or place it permanently on a site. The trailer can be relocated and set up quickly and easily with minimal disruption.

New construction site office trailers are safe, durable, and available in convenient sizes of 8′ x 25′, 8′ x 28 or 10′ x 44′ and more. Finance and payment options ensure that the unit purchase meets all budgets.

Both standard and customized floor plans are available. You can be sure to find the field office design which best meets your specifications.

With a wide selection of units available and prices to suit most budgets, the cost to buy a new job site office is affordable to commercial users, too. Buy a Used Office Trailer

The Price to Buy a Used Office Trailer

A used office trailer cost from $3,500 to $16,000. Making the choice to purchase a used office trailer allows the purchaser to keep costs down.

With many size options available, from a single user to multi-user office space, a pre-owned job site office can tick all the boxes. Used mobile office trailer solutions are available in sizes from 8′ x 20′ to 24′ x 56′ and can be conveniently delivered to your site.

Mobile Office Deals have affiliate partners located across the country. This ensures that your purchase of a used office trailer is quick and easy. Your high quality, durable, pre-owned mobile office can be there in just days.

The cost to buy a used office trailer as opposed to a new unit can be a viable option for many.

Cost to a Lease a Mobile Field Office

Used Mobile OfficeYou can lease mobile offices for as little as $200 a month, but if you require more footage or features leases can rise to $800 a month. If buying a mobile field office or construction site office is not the right option for your project or building site, you may choose to lease or rent a unit.

Renting a job site office allows budgeting for the lease on a monthly basis. It also allows the commercial user to determine a definite beginning and end to the lease. It also enables the company to utilize the convenience of a temporary space, which will be removed at the end of the rental period.

Leasing a construction office is an affordable option. With the wide choice of rental units available, the right office space can be found for your site.

Duration of the Lease Agreement

If you do decide that leasing or renting a job site office is the right choice for you, be aware that the duration of the lease can affect your costs. The monthly price of a three-month agreement will vary, often quite significantly, from the cost of a three-year agreement.

A key factor to keep in mind when considering the cost of a mobile office is the basic formula:

The longer the rental period, the cheaper the cost.

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Portable Office Sizes Effect Pricing

The cost of your construction or job site office is influenced by the size of unit you choose.

Each job has different requirements, of course. You may be looking for an office suitable for one or many occupants. Mobile Office Deals offers a selection of sizes in their inventory along with a convenient size estimation tool.

You may be seeking an office area ranging from a single-user space up to a unit suitable for 11 or more occupants. There are options available for every project.

Simply choose your size, request a quote, and make your selection from the options provided.

Additional Office Features Determine Cost

Various optional features are available which can impact your office cost. These items can add as as much as $100 to monthly rental cost, and more if purchasing.

Options may include:

  • water
  • heating
  • air conditioning
  • access ramps
  • Internet connection
  • telephone
  • fax connectivity
  • carpet
  • restrooms.

Furnished offices are also available for added fees.

A mobile or temporary office need not be a sparse or basic area. A field office can be designed to meet the needs of the most particular executive.

Talk with the professionals to determine whether these features are right for your requirements. Add-ons offer extra convenience and are not always expensive.

Alternatively, the option of a basic job site office may work best for your project or build. Of course, a simpler office set up will also cost you less. The choice is yours.

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