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Buying Guide for Job Site Trailers

Are you in the construction industry? Perhaps you need a practical, affordable, and flexible working space fast. If so, then a job site trailer is what you need.

If you’re operating in the construction industry, managing a job site can be a catch 22. It’s even more challenging if you aren’t on-site where all actions are taking place. However, there is no way around it; you must keep a close eye on the project.

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Failure to monitor and supervise construction sites can have dire consequences. From increased injuries, low productivity, and even hefty penalties due to standards incompliance. This is not what you want for your business, is it?

Well, that’s where a job site trailer becomes invaluable. The mobile office provides a practical working space for you, and your managers. Also, office trailers come in a wide range of designs and sizes to meet your specific needs.

However, finding the right construction trailer for your project is key. But with a myriad of options, how do you pick the right one? Read more to learn how to buy your next job site trailer.

Space at Construction Site

When planning to buy a construction site trailer, pay attention to the available space on your construction site. Consider what the landscape looks like. Is there an accessible place to safely place the trailer?

If possible, level the ground to create an adequate space for the delivery and set up of the portable office trailers. For a 40-foot trailer, you will need ample space for a 100-foot-long trailer to make the delivery. Ensure the space can support both the weight of the delivery vehicle and the job site trailer.

If your construction site is sloping or has uneven terrain, talk to your job site trailer provider. Ask them about the best type of trailer to suit your needs and fit in your space. A reputable provider will conduct a site survey to recommend the best setup that will work for you.

Also, if planning to hardwire your trailer, talk to your power provider to make sure they will be available when you need them. And don’t forget to make arrangements for a water hookup, too, before ordering the trailer.

How You Plan to Use the Job Site Trailers

Considering your needs is key to getting a perfect construction trailer. This helps to determine the right size for the trailer and if you need more than one. Determine whether you need a trailer to use as an office or you want storage space for your employees.

On average, about 56% of construction workers spend at least a month on the site. If your employees spend time on the job site, you need to provide storage space and accommodation for them. This requires you to choose a trailer with ample space to ensure comfortable living for optimal productivity.

If the construction trailer will be used as an office space, determine the number of people to use it. As a general rule of thumb, you need about 150 square feet for every person using the trailer. Picking the right size of trailer ensures your managers can also work comfortably and safely.

Consider Your Budget

When you clearly understand your needs, consider your budget. Can you comfortably afford the trailer you need? Job site trailers come in a wide range of prices depending on size, functionality, and features.

It’s important to come up with a reasonable budget to get a trailer to meet your needs. If you can’t afford a new one, consider the available job site trailer rental options, which will be much cheaper. However, be cautious when purchasing a used trailer to make a viable investment.

When developing a budget, don’t forget the extra costs of acquiring the trailer. This includes the installation and delivery costs which vary with location.

Check on Additional Features

Before making the purchase, consider extra features which might be important to you. Additional features help increase the functionality of a trailer for the intended purpose. For instance, security is crucial if planning to use the trailer to store gear, confidential paperwork, or supplies.

If security is a key feature to you, the trailer should have a sturdy locking door. For extra security, choose one with window bars or steel doors to prevent a break-in.

Consider Comfort

If your trailer will be an office space, your employees’ comfort matters. However, comfort is beyond providing ample working space; make sure the environment is conducive too.

Depending on your site climate and the projects you are working on, you may need the trailer to feature climate control requirements. This might be heaters or air conditioning to maintain the right temperature.

But not all trailers come with these climate control options. If they are your must-have features, don’t compromise. By talking to your provider about your needs, they know where and how to get exactly what you want.

Most of the construction site trailers are fitted with window or wall mount air conditioning units for the hot season. In colder regions or colder months, you may consider using portable electric or propane heaters to warm the trailer.


Trailers come in a wide range of designs at different prices. If your budget allows or your needs demand, your trailer may include WI-FI routers, an ethernet connection, or even TVs for the conference room.

Also, you may opt for LED lighting that is energy-efficient or even keyless entry. Evaluate the different technological features of job site trailers to determine those you may need.

Find a Job Site Trailer Today

Construction trailers are designed with flexibility in mind. They are an outstanding solution to all your temporary office space needs. Also, job site trailers come in a wide range of sizes and features to meet your needs.

However, ensure to choose the right trailer for your job site to enjoy all the benefits. Here are some key considerations when buying a job site trailer.

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