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Benefits of Using a Mobile Office Trailer as a Temporary Classroom

Mobile office trailers have so many uses including the education system. Learn the benefits of using a mobile office trailer as a temporary classroom today.

Need classroom space fast? Mobile office trailers are a low-cost and quick solution to classroom space problems!

There are many benefits when schools opt for modular and portable classrooms. Benefits include short turn-around times, the freedom to spend school resources elsewhere, and many more.

Keep reading to find out why schools are choosing to go with mobile office trailers for their temporary classroom setup and why you should too.

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What Is a Temporary Classroom?

Temporary classrooms, which are also known as modular classrooms, are off-site buildings. Modular buildings are constructed in dimensions designed to house the average-sized classroom of students. Mobile office trailers are the new solutions for temporary classrooms.

Portable classrooms

A temporary classroom is separate from the main school structure and is mobile. A temporary classroom can move to any location as needs changed or even removed altogether.

Temporary Classrooms Cut Costs

Adding or renovating the main school structure can be costly. A limited budget is a problem many schools face. Choosing to use a mobile office trailer as a temporary classroom is a fantastic way to cut costs.

These cost savings is one of the major reasons many schools across the country are using mobile office trailers. The cost of a new temporary classroom on average was $81 per square foot.

This is according to a cost analysis by the Katy Independent School District in Texas. This cost is considerably less than the $250 per square foot it would cost to build a brick-and-mortar addition.

modular classroom building

Another great way to cut costs is by choosing to go with used temporary classrooms. At a more affordable price, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of a portable classroom building.

What if your school needs a portable classroom but only for a limited amount of time? Renting a mobile office trailer is another cost-saving option. Suppliers often will take care of the temporary classroom’s delivery and placement.

When your school no longer needs the modular building, you can have it removed.

Temporary Classrooms Free Up Budget for Education

It’s no secret schools have limited budgets. Schools are often forced to make difficult choices when it comes to where to spend resources.

One of the best benefits of temporary classrooms is having the extra resources to spend elsewhere for education. Hiring excellent teachers, for example.

A modular classroom provides students a comfortable learning environment. At a fraction of the cost of building a new brick and mortar addition. Whether your school uses the extra resources towards attracting talented instructors or extra learning equipment, you will wish you went with modular buildings sooner!

More Teaching Space, Short Turn-Around Time

Time is valuable, so when you need more teaching space in a short amount of time, mobile office trailers will be your best bet. It’s common for schools to not know their student enrollment rate until the very start of the school year (sometimes even after). This contributes to space issues often face when they find themselves short of adequate classroom space.

Choosing to go with mobile office trailers is a fast solution when constructing a brick and mortar addition that isn’t workable. Construction can take several months and sometimes even years to complete. By the time the construction is complete, school enrollment numbers may change drastically.

portable classrooms

Another problem with the construction of brick and mortar additions is that it is disruptive. Especially while school is in session, construction is disruptive for not only students but also the staff.

Speed is also another benefit. There is no wait time for buying or renting a portable classroom. The school and students don’t have to wait for anything to be newly constructed, and class can proceed as usual.

Allows for Temperature Control

Almost everyone has experienced the following scenario before. You’re sitting in your classroom or office building shivering while it’s over 90 degrees outside.

It’s rare for classrooms in main schoolhouses to have their own thermostat. So you’re left without a choice when it comes to temperature control.

Using mobile office trailers as a temporary classroom gives teachers control over the temperature in their space. Gone are the days of your students bringing their jackets to class when it’s blistering hot outside!

Allows for Easy Access to the Outside

Portable classrooms are one of the more popular office uses because they give students easy access to the outside. Students get tired throughout the day and giving them a chance to breathe some fresh air can do wonders for recharging and clearing their heads. Even if they’re outside for a few minutes, watch and see the impact fresh air can make on your students.

Some schools place their temporary classrooms near grassy areas so students are only a few steps away from nature. This allows easy access for projects whether it’s fun ecology projects, starting a class garden, or even outdoor yoga, the sky’s the limit!

Benefits of Temporary Classrooms

Schools around the nation are making the switch to portable and temporary classrooms over constructing brick and mortar additions. Using mobile office trailers is a fast and cost-saving way to add classroom space, whether you choose to rent or buy.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the benefits of using a mobile office as a temporary classroom! If you’re interested in reaping all the benefits mobile office trailers have to offer for your school, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Check out our ‘Get Quotes’ page and receive multiple quotes from top-rated suppliers within one business day.

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