7 Considerations When Choosing Your Mobile Office

One of the key features of construction companies is they operate in different regions, and most of their work happens on site. As a construction company owner, you can’t overlook the importance of onsite supervision to project success. But while close monitoring of the construction site is crucial, it’s not economical to build a new building for your temporary needs, is it?

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Well, this is where a mobile office will come in handy. A mobile office will offer a safer, more affordable, and practical work environment for you and your managers on the site. It’s a temporary office at the construction site that can be used to carry out meetings, business work, or even a storage space for workers.

Apart from being practical and affordable, a mobile office is also flexible, efficient, and mobile. However, to enjoy all the benefits of a mobile office, it’s imperative to get it right when buying one. You need to know your budget, needs, and type of mobile office to buy.

If buying a mobile office for the first time, the task can be overwhelming with lots of options. To make it plain sailing for you, here are 7 considerations when choosing your mobile office.

1. Determine Your Needs

Before you start shopping for a mobile office, why are you buying one in the first place? You must evaluate your project needs to determine which jobsite office best suits you. How you plan to use the mobile office will significantly impact the size, budget, and even mobile office features.

Are you looking for an open space where workers can discuss plans and take their lunch? Perhaps you are looking for a space where you’ll be hosting clients and VIPs when they visit your construction site. Or maybe you need additional, secure storage space for your materials, inventory, or equipment.

Well, asking all these questions will help determine the best mobile office to suit your intended purpose. Also, you need to determine if the unit should have a restroom and whether it will be a common or private workspace.

With answers to these questions, you have a clear idea about the type of mobile office to suit your needs. This ensures that you don’t waste money and time buying a facility that won’t meet the intended purpose.

2. Check on Size

When determining the right size of your mobile office, figure the average number of people you expect to use the space and how you plan to use it. Mobile office trailers come in a wide range of sizes which also differ in price. Of course, you don’t want to buy a large-sized job site trailer that is either too small for your needs or one that won’t fit in your space.

If you plan to use the office space as a project management office, you need to ensure it has adequate room for your team and visitors. If you want storage space, it should accommodate all the equipment, inventory, or material you intend to store. Before you start searching for a mobile office, know the ideal size.

3. Consider Budget

There are multiple mobile office choices to consider, which can make the buying process overwhelming. However, if you have a budget, you can narrow down your options to those within your range. It’s thus important that you develop a budget before you start your search for a mobile office.

However, your budget should be guided by the size of mobile office you need, features, and amenities it should have.

4. Consider Your Space

It’s important to consider the available space at your site for the mobile office. Consider how the landscape is and if it will be safe to mount the structure. Also, is the ground leveled to create enough space for delivery and setting up the mobile office?

Depending on the mobile office size you need, confirm you have adequate space matching its dimensions. This will help avoid sending back the mobile office after finding out it can’t fit in your space. Also, is your location accessible by large truck for delivery and removal?

5. Check on Any Applicable Laws

Familiarize with the applicable federal, state, and local permitting and zoning regulations. Determine if you’ll need permits for the structure and if it has to be ADA compliant. Also, what’s the process of acquiring any permits in your construction site.

The right salesperson can inform and advise you about all the legal requirements for your mobile office. Going against these requirements can get you highly fined or halt your operations.

6. Do You Need a Customized Mobile Office?

Mobile office trailers come in different conditions and sizes. However, your specific needs may require a mobile office to be customized to suit the intended purpose. While this comes at an additional cost, you can fully utilize the space to meet the intended purpose.

Knowing if you need any custom work done to the job site trailer will determine the perfect mobile office for you.

7. Consider Utilities

If gas, water, sewer, and power facilities are already available at the site, determine if you or the provider will make final connections. If you don’t have these connections, you might need to get better alternatives or even pay utility providers to avail them to your site. Depending on your site’s location, these services can be very costly yet mandatory.

Be sure to check on the utilities the construction trailer needs and if they are available at your site.

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A mobile office is a convenient, affordable, and practical option for construction companies. However, to enjoy all the benefits of a mobile office, it’s vital to make the right purchase.

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